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“The key thing for us is to strengthen our national federations, both in the talent identification programs, their administration,” he said. “And to also get more courses improve the level from where we are right now, so we have a lot of work ahead of us with our national federations and we need to get more national federations up to speed. But most importantly, we need to have training programs for our different athletes in different sports.”

Penn said he would like to see the facilities in the different communities that can facilitate the type of training for them to compete internationally. The BVIOC executive body will be decided on by its membership during the elections. Nominations for positions on the executive wrapped up on Nov 5. The list of nominees has to be circulated to member federations and associations at least 14 days before elections according to the constitution. The constitution also states that incumbent members are automatically contesting their positions unless notice is received to the contrary. Members can nominate one or more persons and for one or more positions. Besides O’Neal, athletes’ representative Stephanie Russ Penn will not seek re-election.

Two positions on the executive are unopposed. Those nominated for posts on the executive body are: President; John R. Lewis and Ephraim Penn; 1st Vice President, John R. Lewis, Orlando Thomas, Ephraim Penn and Neville “Sheep” Smith; 2nd Vice President, Ephraim Penn, David Thomas, Roy Barry and Guy Malone; Secretary General, Dean Greenaway; Treasurer, Mark Chapman; Athletes Rep; Gloria Fahie and Zebalon McLean; Public Relations Officer, David Thomas. TORTOLA—The BVI Olympic Committee is gearing up for major changes in leadership during its November 26 General Assembly, where elections will be held. President and founding member Rey O’Neal–who has been at the helm of the organization for 24 of its 28-year existence is stepping down. He will become the committee’s first immediate past president.