Original impetus by the realization that on the part of the public, that the territory's exclusion from the 1979 Pan American Games that were next door in Puerto Rico, was because of the lack of such a body. Those who were involved in the original discussion for the formation of the BVIOC were. O'Neal became the first BVIOC president.

The BVIOC became affiliated with the International Olympic Committee in 1982, through the intervention of German Rieckehoff, president of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee and a member of the IOC. With a desire to participate in the 1982 Central American Games in Havana, Cuba, Rieckehoff moved rapidly to ensure that the BVI Lawn Tennis and BVI Yachting Associations gained international recognition.

The first appearance in the Olympic Games came in Los Angeles, California, 1984. In 1990, the BVI completed the cycle of the major games it would participate in as it was on to Auckland, New Zealand for the first representation at the Commonwealth Games.

Reports are that tennis was being played in the BVI as far back as the mid twenties and a tennis club was actually formed in 1933 at the Agricultural station, which now houses the Althea Scatliffe School. But it was not until the mid-fifties that tennis really started to take off with the use of the old cracked court at government House. Clarence Christian, Rowan Roy, Alvin Jacobs and Cyril Romney could be seen playing there on a regular basis, often joined by Lily Romney and Anne Roy for mixed doubles. No one had telephones, or cars of course, so arranging games was not as easy as it is today.

Today the BVI Lawn Tennis Association (BVILTA) is the body responsible for the development and promotion of the sport of tennis in the British Virgin Islands. The BVI LTA was founded in 1971 and is an associate member of the International Tennis Federation. The BVI LTA's biggest annual event is currently the BVI Open tennis tournament at which top players from around the region come to the BVI for a weekend for the coveted prizes.

Cycling has been in the British Virgin Islands for many years and while all other sports can lay claim to a longer history in terms of organized competitions and the formation of associations, it was not until 1993 that the BVI Cycling Federation was formed. Although the 'new kid on the block' cycling has made rapid strides. The Federation became affiliated to the British Cycling Federation in 2002 during the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England. It became affiliated with the International Cycling Union in 2003.

The British Virgin Islands Olympic Committee was formed in 1980 and was given its original impetus by the realization that on the part of the public, that the territory's exclusion from the 1979 Pan American Games that were next door in Puerto Rico, was because of the lack of such a body.

The popularity of Olympic Games

Only those who have been living under a rock for the last century, don't know what the Olympics are and when and where they happen. Still many don't get it why the event is so popular. There still are sport events such as the World Championships and many others, but none of them get the attention and media coverage as these. However, that is not a mystery and the main reasons can be easily found in the nature of humanity and our understanding of what is important and precious and what not.

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It often happens that new talents and nations' sweethearts are discovered at the Olympics. Many of those sportspeople come from a poor environment, driven by the need to show how much they actually are worth and what they can do. Since the USA has a huge and successful team, it can only contribute the popularity of this event. But the nationalization and opportunity to see your country presented in front of the rest of the whole world makes it so interesting and widely known and followed.

The opening and closing ceremonies are a story for themselves and can be described as some of the most anticipated and incredible events that year. Every New York escort loves it and follows many disciplines, especially Gymnastics, because they are so cool and elegant. And as long as the Olympic Games are doing a good thing, promoting diversity and being fair, they deserve what they get. Now let's stop talking and start doing sport, making a difference and the world a better place than it is.